How Dr. David Duke was—and is—Right!

Dr. David Duke won acclaim both locally and abroad as being America’s leading opponent of the bloody, and unnecessary, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Many of his domestic policies are also now mainstream.

He was one of the few political personalities who before the Iraq said that the “weapons of mass destruction” allegations against Iraq were lies and that the war would ultimately have a catastrophic effect not just on the Iraqi people, but upon the American people as well.

He foretold not a “cakewalk” but a long drawn out war with hundreds of thousands of harmed young Americans and cost an enormous cost of American money.

Dr. Duke addresses a pro-peace and anti-war rally in Damascus, Syria, in 2005.
Dr. Duke addresses a pro-peace and anti-war rally in Damascus, Syria, in 2005.

He was proven right about both the weapons of mass destruction lie, and the fact that far from bringing freedom to the Iraqi people, the Iraq War led to hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqi men, women and children; and perpetual civil war causing human suffering that far eclipses even the most exaggerated evils of Saddam Hussein.

Even a hostile—but honest—journalist, Maria Mathews, writing in The Times Blog, even went as far as to admit that Dr. Duke was “a prophet on some of the biggest issues of the day.”
Mathews wrote:

An opponent of U.S. support for Israel, he argued long before 911 that unconditional support for Israel and the Israeli agenda would lead to hatred and horrendous terrorist attacks against the United States.

Does anyone really believe Bush when he said Al Qaeda attacked America because they hate Democracy?

Before the Iraq War, Duke pronounced repeatedly in the world’s media, including a stint on Al Jazeera (which according to Newsweek Periscope Section) the U.S. State Department tried to prevent, that Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction, no ties to Al Qaeda, no nuclear weapons program.

He predicted the war would not be a “cakewalk,” cost many times more than Neocon predictions, and do nothing but fuel hatred and terrorism around the world. Far from fighting terrorism, the war would only foment it, said Duke.

His crystal ball worked on that one.

Perhaps no American politician has spoken so forcefully and for so long against the power of the American Israeli Lobby.

He said long before almost anyone else on the political scene that the Iraq War was “a war for Israel” and not in the interests of the United States.”

Because Americans wouldn’t pay the horrendous cost of blood and money in a war for Israel, he argued that the lie of “weapons of mass destruction” was necessary to convince Americans that they were in danger from Iraq.”

Just recently, a dean at the most prestigious school of government in the United States, the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, issued a paper titled “Israel and U.S. Foreign Policy.” In it they say what David Duke has been saying for years: that the Israeli lobby controls American foreign policy to the detriment of the United States and that it orchestrated the Iraq War.

As pro-Israel critics of the paper have correctly pointed out, every essential argument of the paper and many of the paper’s sources and citations have been made by David Duke long prior to Walt and Mearsheimer.

It is not only in international politics where Dr. Duke left his mark. As the New York Times observed in 2014, many of his sensible domestic policy positions have now become mainstream.


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