David Duke Responds to “the sellout bosses of the GOP”

Press Release From: Duke For Senate (DukeForSenate.com)

New Orleans, LA July 25, 2016 — DAVID DUKE Responds to Louisiana GOP Chairman Roger Villere and “the Sellout Bosses of the GOP”

David Duke fires back to Chairman of the Louisiana GOP Roger Villere’s statement that “There is no place for David Duke in the Republican Party.”

David Duke’s Statement:

“Only Republican voters have the right to decide who has a place in the Republican Party. When Roger Villere was a Republican opponent of mine for the House of Representatives, he received a tiny fraction of Republican votes compared to me. As a Republican I defeated the sitting Republican Governor of Louisiana and Villere then supported against our republican voters will, the leftist, corrupt Democrat candidate for Governor.”

“An unelected Republican boss has no right to speak for the majority of Republicans siding against another Republican. Those are politics more at home under Communism than the principles of the United States”

“In the recent Republican presidential primary, Louisiana GOP leaders attempted to change the rules on Donald Trump, giving more delegates to Trump’s opponent Ted Cruz than Trump, though Trump overwhelmingly won the state. These same GOP leaders like “Sellout Roger” Villere held secret meeting to select Cruz loyal delegates against the will of the Trump campaign leading to threats of legal action. LA GOP delegates joined the Never Trump movement and even attempted to subvert Trump all the way to the RNC convention in Cleveland.”

“These same tactics were used against David Duke in previous races. In 1990, the LA GOP worked to elect a radical Leftist Governor, Edwin Edwards, rather than support the vast majority of Louisiana Republicans who supported Duke. With the Louisiana GOP in the hands of Never Trump radicals who have vowed to stop Trump at all cost, even helping crooked Hillary Clinton, we have to wonder if they will subvert Trump in Louisiana and attempt to give the state to Clinton.”

“’Sellout Roger’ Villere and his collaborators in the Louisiana GOP do not represent the will of the vast majority of Republicans who voted for me in a landslide for U.S. Senator and Governor.. For decades these unelected bureaucrats have sold us out on the critical issues that are facing America. These fat cats have opposed me on Immigration, border security, fair trade instead of free trade, an America First foreign policy and protecting the rights and heritage of European Americans. It’s time we remove this treasonous group of schemers and take back our party.

Today, I call on all Louisiana Republicans to join with me and send a message to this traitors in our ranks. I disavow ‘Sellout Roger’ Villere and his GOP traitors in the strongest terms possible. Let’s send the globalists, the media and the oligarchs of campaign finance and bribery a message that Louisiana isn’t for sale. I ask for your support and your vote for US Senate.”

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