Andrew Jackson Statue: David Duke “Will Defend Our Heritage”

Dr. David Duke has announced his intention to personally defend the iconic Andrew Jackson statue in New Orleans against “Black Lives Matter” hate in downtown New Orleans on Saturday morning, September 24.

The “Take ‘Em Down Nola” group, which has aligned itself with the Black Lives Matter movement, has publicly threated to “tear down” the statue, located in Jackson Square, New Orleans, this weekend.


“I am going to go down there in person to protect our heritage,” Dr. Duke said.

“Andrew Jackson was one of America’s greatest presidents, and hero of the 1815 Battle of New Orleans,” Dr. Duke said.

“There is no reason for the Black Lives Matter hate group to target this statue, other than as part of their national hate campaign against European-Americans,” Dr. Duke continued.

“Nowhere in this country are there groups of Europeans going around seeking to destroy any vestiges of any other peoples’ heritage. This is a purely one-way street of hate against white people,” he continued.

Dr. Duke will, therefore, he said, be at the Andrew Jackson statue in Jackson Square to personally defend his peoples’ heritage.

“This race-hatred against European-Americans has to stop,” he said. “It is being made worse by the establishment’s pandering to the Black Lives Matter movement, and the utterly false narrative being put out by the media that white police officers are randomly gunning down black people.

“All the statistics show that the biggest killers of black people are other black people, and that the police in fact shoot far more white people—both in real numbers and proportionately—than they do black people.

“The threat to tear down the Andrew Jackson statue—a man who died in 1845—is another symptom of this creeping anti-European hatred which is being engendered and encouraged.

“This hatred has to stop, and I am determined to play my part in this matter, no matter what the personal risk. We need to make a stand now!” he concluded.