Education: Save Our Schools, Our Kids, Our Future

We must be honest about education in America. Public education is in crisis.

American education was once at the pinnacle of academic achievement in the Western World.

Now we are in last place in academics and our secondary education levels have fallen to closer to Third World levels than European and East Asian standards.

This is despite the fact that we spend much more money on education than any other nation on earth.

And the problem is not only that academic standards that have plummeted. Physical violence and criminality has spiraled out of control in many of our schools as it has in our major cities.

Schools have actually become unsafe places for millions of children and young adults. Even teachers are increasingly victims of violence.

In many ways some of the most powerful lessons our children are learning in schools are obscenity, sexual degeneracy, violence, drug and alcohol abuse, and other behaviors that result in life outcomes that are destructive rather than constructive.

Millions of hard-working middle class Americans pay financially crushing taxes to finance public education, but do not dare to send their children to the schools their own taxes pay for.

I believe in a 50 percent tax credit for parents who send their child to private or church school.

The program is simple and a win win for both parents and for schools. Every child that goes to private education is one less student in public schools, saving them the cost of educating the student and leaving more money for the education of the remaining students.

At the same time parents will find their costs for private or church school education cut in half.

This is a practical program that is good for education, teachers, and students,  and it gives parents financial relief and greater options for their children.