America First Foreign Policy!

We must put America First!

America has pursued a disastrous, and in many ways treasonous, foreign policy that has put the interests of foreign nations and globalist objectives over the most basic needs of the American people.

A perfect example is the fact that the American Government was the original sponsor of al Qaeda and bin Laden which ultimately committed unspeakable terror upon America.

Another is that the political leaders of this country have supported al Nusra which is an al Qaeda radical jihadist terror organization in Syria, and they sent your money to support the horrific rise of ISIS.

The political sell-outs  tried to destroy the secular government in Syria, which has protected the millions of Christians in that nation.

They have led us into insane wars that have cost the American people trillions of our tax dollars and led to the injury and harm of hundreds of thousands of brave American warriors. These wars have not only betrayed our soldiers but directly led to the terror that we now face today.

Today the globalists who include the bosses of the media, the international banks, and the Democratic and Republican Parties are pursuing a reckless policy of hostility against Russia, which is the only Western Nation on Earth that defines itself openly as a Christian nation.

We must have an America first policy, and have it now.