Stop the Racist Discrimination of Affirmative Action Programs!


Although the media and the political establishment constantly proclaim they condemn racism and racist discrimination and oppression, they actually support massive racial discrimination by means of the positive sounding policy of affirmative action.

White people face a massive institutionalized racial discrimination in hiring and promotions on the local, state and federal level. Every one of the 500 largest corporations in America  have clear policies that discriminate against better qualified white people in favor of other races.

White students with better academic records and far better qualifications and test scores face discrimination across the board in universities and other kinds of educational institutions.

They also face discrimination in both public and private scholarship funds.

European Americans of European Christian heritage are approximately 70 percent of the highest performing students in America, yet make up only 20 percent of the most elite universities in America, including the Ivy League.

Your future should be based on merit.

Equal Rights for All — Special Privilege for None!