End the FED – Take Back our Money and Our Country


In 2008 the greatest criminal ponzi scheme in history came crashing down. While many of the leading banks who profited from the criminal scheme got away scott free, hundreds of millions of people and their families endured financial suffering from it in America and around the world. Millions saw their pension funds annihilated, millions of homes lost.

The mortgage crisis of 2008 which was created the criminal banks who rule over our economy – the Federal Reserve Bank – that created the crisis by its own policies then passed even more wealth to those already ungodly wealthy.

That’s when it doled out the staggering sum of 23.7 Trillion Dollars to their fellow international bankers, according to the FED’s own internal auditor and fully reported in financial press outlets such as Bloomberg.

These unelected czars must no longer be allowed to control the American currency.

It is time to give control of the American economy and currency back to the American people, not the unelected oligarchs rule not only over the FED but, with their unholy wealth, over American politics.