Term Limits & Total Campaign Reform!

We need term limits and we need to limit the power of financial oligarchs in American politics.

In all my campaigns I have never taken a penny of special interest PAC money, nor will I in this race for Senate!

We need total campaign reform..

  1. We must choose our leaders not by how much money they get in bribes from special interests and the billionaire oligarchs, but by their policies and abilities.
  2. We must eliminate all special interest and PAC money in elections.
  3. We must give every ballot-qualified candidate the opportunity to reach the public on a fair and equal basis, so people can select their leaders based on their principles and not on million dollar psychological ad campaigns.
  4. All qualified candidates should get franking privileges to send their program to the voters of their districts free of charge via the U.S. Postal Service, and the FCC should require broadcast media to offer a portion of their broadcasting time for candidates to present their message so that people can choose their leaders based on principle not media psycho babble.